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Browser battle is beefed up. BIG TIME

Michael Arrington says Google launching their Chrome web browser is yet further indication that our favourite search engine is going after Microsoft’s lunch. If Mr A is right (I wouldn’t ever bet against he with the knowledge) in predicting Google’s strategy then it’s more than ironic that Microsoft themselves had a similar browser project called […]

Expect the unexpected

No Team GB Olympic organiser or coach could’ve really expected we’d finish fourth. Publicly, they refused to be drawn on targets and predictions (very wise) but privately they must’ve sat on the fence with quiet confidence and, no doubt, more than a modicum of fear. Yet, Team GB shattered all expectations and it’s praise indeed […]

GCSEs miss the point entirely?

The overall pass rate for this year’s GCSE results was an astounding 98.4%. Instead of celebrating this as faculty brilliance, we’re all berating it as a farce. New Labour’s (now very old) mantra of ‘education, education, education’ needs to be seen as reality, not political theory, and these figures apparently do just that. It’s very […]

Don’t lift the bar, teleport it

F1 fans will know the popular mantra well-used across the sport, ‘If you’re not going forwards, you’re actually going backwards.’ It speaks volumes for everyone’s permanent devotion to improving through innovation (and invention of course). You see, over the course of a season teams will gain a handful of seconds per lap. Therefore, if you’re […]

100% lie

‘Mr Gekko, I’m there for you 110%,’ said the resolute Bud Fox. How many times has a colleague, supplier or partner said that to you? I heard Lewis Hamilton utter something similar at a recent Grand Prix weekend. They’re all lying. A Buddhist monk devotes himself 100% to worship. He gave up all personal freedoms […]