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SEO in a post-Olympic world

SEO specialists have had life relatively easy over the past 10 years. Their magic formula before Google’s Panda and Penguin updates was something like: Meta data, title tag, URL, H1, keywords, frequency, then link to hell and back. (Plus white text, mini text and other black hat bits.) The black hat world is thankfully shrinking […]

Google buys Twitter

Well, that’s my prediction. They’ll stop burning dollars acquiring paper mills and fork out $750+ million for Twitter. Twitter is the most popular and certainly the most talked about social media tool of the moment, yet there’s no clear indication on how they’ll monetise the whole shebang. They raised another $35 million in venture capital […]

New SEO Toolbar available

Free is synonymous with Internet. It’s likely to become more so with Microsoft’s Office Live and cloud-based solutions from Google, Zoho and the like. Enter Aaron Wall (, one of the Internet’s geek superstars. He is to SEO what J.K. Rowling is to wizards. Mr Wall started out with a desire to learn and has […]