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Anarchy reigns

The theme of the rioting youths I’ve seen interviewed this week flows around respect. “When we get it, we’ll give it back. ‘Till then we’re taking,” said one angry girl on the beeb news this morning. Respect exists inherently in a social society. By minding my own business and not infringing on your day as […]

Teddy Eddy

Childish business passions

My daughter was given charge of the class teddy last week and became completely engrossed with him. He was part of nearly every sentence – Teddy Eddy this, Teddy Eddy that. They were instantly joined at the hip: at the dinner table, in the bathroom, washing hands, cleaning teeth, bedtime story and, of course, in […]

Jamie Oliver wins TED prize

Gordon Ramsay is a business hero of mine because he’s built an empire through incredible hard work coupled with non-pretentious quality. His book, Playing with Fire is one of the most inspiring business reads you could pick up. Jamie Oliver is in exactly the same league but perhaps with a little less showbiz. I’d argue […]

Seth’s new ebook

At their best, blogs offer insight and intelligence, none moreso than Seth Godin’s daily brain dumps. Seth goes futher than most in that he often throws out free business ideas and free ebooks. I’ve not had a chance to digest all of his latest offering but it looks similar to his usual fare: short, digestable, […]

A penny for ‘em

The thoroughbred race horse, See the Stars, has retired and there’s a book out to celebrate his achievements called One Blazing Summer. Apparently, the real test of such a horse is in its three-year-old year and See the Stars was spectacular in his. He raced every month for six months and won the lot, including […]

Allez Lance

Sir Steve Redgrave, Michael Jordan, Pele, Michael Schumacher, Tiger Woods, Muhammed Ali, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer… etc. They’re all great, but the greatest? No, sir. The world’s foremost sportsperson is alive and well and out of retirement. Lance Armstrong starts today in the world’s toughest race (absolutely no question about that one!). He’s won it […]

Politics, pensions and a pound of flesh

Watching the news it’s hard not feel empathy for workers in Visteon and elsewhere who have lost their jobs and almost certainly a huge chunk of their pensions. But as value is evaporating and the FTSE remains volatile, are we right to cease pension payments and avoid some of the heartache? If you try it […]

Are Apprentice replicators causing you grief?

The second installment of The Apprentice airs tonight at 9pm. That’s another dose of entertainment for 8+ million viewers but a huge shot of pain for scores of real employees. I know plenty who would say how the show appears to have a spell-binding influence on supervisors, managers and leaders across the country as they […]

Never say Never

The Old (Barrichello), the Pretender (Button) and the Skint (the Brackley team) have pulled off a spectacular one-two in Melbourne to kick off the Formula One season. Continuing the B fest, they’ve shown: Belief – evidently they kept working hard when a full closure was more than likely. Brains – the clean sheet of ‘09 […]

777 is the new 666

7 ultra marathons (31 miles each) on all 7 continents in 7 consecutive days. Ouch. This is no cakewalk. I’ve done a couple of marathons and know a little of the pain involved, but this is on a different scale altogether. It’s beyond evil. It makes your Land’s End to John O’Groats stuff look like […]

My new Apple has wheels

Some purchases in life fall to the mundane. Regardless of how soft my toilet roll is or how easily the diesel flows from the pump, my heart beats at the same rate. But some shopping can be a much more emotive affair: the pride of a dad’s first pram; unpacking a new Mac; the smell […]

Warring quickly

The BBC has said tonight that Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip have now passed 1,000. Sickeningly, a third are thought to be children. Is it me or do you find the timing of Israel’s “cleaning Hamas of military capabilities” a tad hurried? There are insurmountable differences and the arguments are too complex and far-reaching […]