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Bing’s birthday spoiled by Twitter

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is now a year old and it’s been a good one. They’ve clawed 12.7% of the enormous search market, which is no small feat. And they’ve got what political campaigners crave: momentum. Bing will be powering Yahoo search from this autumn and Yahoo’s got 18.9% of the market. Granted, it’s early […]

This is really hot

Steve Jobs said, “This is really hot,” when he unveiled the iPhone 4 at his Worldwide Developers Conference last month. He wasn’t joking. It took Apple 72 days to sell a million of their original iPhone when it launched in 2007. Last year, the iPhone 3GS sold a million units in three days, a benchmark […]

eBay mobile is going BIG

Old news: technology and consumerism are intertwined. Simple example, the cheque book and then the debit card were tech replacements for cash. Today’s smart phones and the rush of tablets we’re about to see really are changing the landscape now, not just tomorrow. Watch Scoble interview the head of eBay mobile, Steve Yankovich to see […]

Google Docs hits the turbo

How many Microsoft Office users really exhaust the package, employing it as its designers dreamt they would? Not very many. How many stretch the package to more than even 25% of its functional capacity? I’d be very surprised if it’s more than one in twenty. It’s probably about the same ratio as 4×4 owners who’ve […]

Loving the Bing

I have been using more and more of Bing lately because: a) Microsoft c0-sponsor Jason Calacanis’s TWiST show (gotta thank the sponsors, right?) and, B) they’re doing some great, underrated stuff. Check out this video from TED presented by Blaise Aguera. I know it’s about maps not search but it’s a good barometer of how […]

Business should buy nation’s broadband

Akamai’s ‘State of the Internet report’ shows the average UK broadband speed is 3.5 Mbps and just one in 12 surfers are achieving 5 Mbps and above. At present, South Koreans can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps and Soth Korea plans on raising the bar further with a tenfold increase in their ultra […]

Pixies and iPads

Pixies, the Tooth Fairy and Big Foot have got nothing on Apple’s word of mouth phenomenon. The iPad was finally revealed today and brought the myth to a glorious Steve Jobs crescendo. Under-spec’d, over-priced, underwhelming? Whatever. This thing is a glimpse of the future and it’s exciting – for some. It’s certainly another nail in […]

The sunshine is dimming

Piano maker Kemble & Co is closing after nearly 100 years producing over 350,000 pianos. They were the UK’s last large scale piano manufacturer. It’s a reflection of yesteryear when a piano was a central asset in the home. Mum and dad would teach their kids the odd tune in the hope of lighting their […]

Too good to be forgotten

A lot has been made of Eric Schmidt resigning from Apple’s board. The short version: he’s also CEO of Google and these two tech giants are really starting to cross swords. While Google are undoubtedly an increasing ‘problem’ for Apple, I think most reports are in danger of missing the elephant in the room: Nokia. […]

Microsoft finally marries

They’ve flirted for years. Constant advances were spurned and due diligence seemed wasted but Ballmer’s finally got his gal. Well, sort of. This week has seen a sharing of search revenue, not a sale between Microsoft and Yahoo. Despite her strong words of rebuilding and turning-the-tanker, we all assumed Carol Bartz’s number one play when […]

Mind Map software review

I love making lists. Of course it’s nothing compared to the palpable pleasure of completion by crossing tasks off. But if you want to get multiple and complex lists out of their silos, you’re looking at making a mind map. You can botch these together in Word, Powerpoint or even Excel if you’re determined enough, […]

Philips Cinema ad shows quality

Ship’s Biscuit points us to this stunning advert from Philips (by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Stink Digital). It’s promoting the first Cinema 21:9 TV which has the same viewing dimensions as – you guessed, didn’t you – a cinema screen. That means no more adjusting the aspect ratio with black bars or cropping, just the […]

Pirate’s ship finds tail wind

Ignoring the small matter of legal and moral issues for a moment and putting a marketing hat on, you have to say that The Pirate Bay are riding on the crest of a PR wave. The news yesterday that the owners of this gateway to free content now face jail and bankruptcy has taken their […]

A Virgin to slay the Dragons

Richard Branson recently launched PitchTV to help entrepreneurs find investors – a mini Dragons’ Den if you like. The hopeful amongst you can upload a two minute video which gets voted online and the favourites will be broadcast on Virgin planes. Getting your ideas seen by business travellers would be a huge coo (for exposure […]

Never say Never

The Old (Barrichello), the Pretender (Button) and the Skint (the Brackley team) have pulled off a spectacular one-two in Melbourne to kick off the Formula One season. Continuing the B fest, they’ve shown: Belief – evidently they kept working hard when a full closure was more than likely. Brains – the clean sheet of ‘09 […]

New SEO Toolbar available

Free is synonymous with Internet. It’s likely to become more so with Microsoft’s Office Live and cloud-based solutions from Google, Zoho and the like. Enter Aaron Wall (, one of the Internet’s geek superstars. He is to SEO what J.K. Rowling is to wizards. Mr Wall started out with a desire to learn and has […]

Machinima goes mainstream

Crossing machine and cinema gives you machinima. It’s a geek’s bedroom hobby that’s breaking into Hollywood. Companies like Rooster Teeth show game content and skew it to a story rather than playing the game itself. Halo and World of Warcraft are classic petri dishes for this art. Well, things look to be going all Sky […]

IE7 turns you into a robot

Internet Explorer 7 is apparently vulnerable to a new Trojan that can steal passwords. Firefox evangelists are looking even more smug as 10,000 websites have been compromised since the vulnerability was discovered. It’s apparently geared towards gaming sites, but everyone’s thinking it wont be long before fraudsters engineer something more sinister. Think about your online […]

Google trio launch in Nov

Google launched some really innovative services in November. Here’s a quick video round up: 1. Search Wiki: I’m not sure I’m ‘feeling this’ but its going to be interesting to see how the long tail affects results. What if 1,000 people voted your site to #1 when searching ‘4 star restaurant London’? Equally, what happens […]