Leadership troubles

I came across an old post by Fred Wilson (via Ben Parr) who was saying that a CEO had three roles: 1) sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders; 2) recruits, hires, and retains the very best talent for the company; 3) makes sure there is always […]

Is the web becoming a funnel?

The modern business model from Silicon Valley is build. Don’t just make a computer, make digital products (as Steve Jobs said by launching a music player, then a music store, then a phone). Build and build again is what the dominant players are showing us to be the winning formula. Google was just a search […]

Agenda setting

Seth wrote recently about ceding one’s responsibility via other people’s agendas. He said ‘Setting an agenda is often as important as checking the boxes,’ and I completely agree. Setting an agenda for a meeting gives you the initial power. Obviously, it allows you to frame the context of the discussions. You might not win every […]

It’s not okay

When staff, especially service staff, say that customers where okay, it’s often not the case. “But they didn’t stay, they didn’t buy, they didn’t engage,” you reply. Disgruntled, dissatisfied, unhappy customers don’t scream and shout or spill blood. They leave. Simple as that. They might moan to their partner in the car or once the […]

A fitting tribute

It’s easy to gush more wonderful adulation to Steve Jobs, but there’s a far better tribute to be made: start something. A friend said tonight that it’d been a moving day. But he was also inspired when he thought of Jobs and the founding of Apple and Pixar. So inspired in fact that he registered […]

Kindle Fire

Kindle thoughts

Amazon has shown itself as the first true competitor to Apple in the tablet war. The launch of the Kindle Fire this week is an audacious move to out-price the iPad with a dumbed-down system costing just $199. Tablets are a future cornerstone for the world’s data consumption. As ever, Jobs lifted the curtain on […]

As seen on email

Marks & Spencer sent me an email this week announcing their new TV advert that was about to launch. I barely watch TV ads so this would surely have passed me by but did they really need to tell me? Well, I’m an existing customer so this wasn’t about acquisition but it may inspire repeat […]

Bottom Line

What’s your future?

Evan Davis on the brilliant Bottom Line asked his guests what the business world will look like in 2020. Justin King of Sainsbury’s commented that it’s difficult enough looking at 2013 and 2020 is impossible. Laura Tenison of JoJo Maman Bebe claimed M-commerce would be commonplace, and Michael Birch, co-founder of Bebo said connectivity to […]

Anarchy reigns

The theme of the rioting youths I’ve seen interviewed this week flows around respect. “When we get it, we’ll give it back. ‘Till then we’re taking,” said one angry girl on the beeb news this morning. Respect exists inherently in a social society. By minding my own business and not infringing on your day as […]

Innovation in play

I was asked to call out some examples of those using digital innovation well. It’s very easy to say Dell are making money via Twitter and the new Old Spice videos are viral winners but here’s half a dozen less-heralded examples that might tickle your marketing fancy: Company: Disney Category: Social Media promotions What: Toy […]

Growth isn’t always what is says on the tin

The shock non-Murdoch news this week is that inflation appears to have fallen. The CPI rate is down from 4.5% to 4.2%. Most analysts would say the culprits are retailers (especially in electronics) thanks to their prevalent early summer sales, but it helps Mervyn King and his posse keep interest rates where they are, which […]

Superdry adds a showpiece

Superdry are one of the darlings of the UK high street. The City loves their stratospheric growth rate and they don’t plan on slowing. They’ve announced a flagship store on London’s Regent Street that’ll be a 59,000 sq ft international showpiece opening towards the end of the financial year. These guys are playing hardball. They […]

Talent doesn’t need words to talk

Few folks undervalue themselves in the workplace. They can mistake confidence for capability and often reinforce that by saying how great they are. Interviewees will tell you how perfect they are for the role; how their skills and experience dovetails your job description, even though they’re barely out of university or college with little real […]

Life’s too short

That’s what people say when they can’t be bothered to do something, “Life’s too short.” It’s a lazy cop out from losing weight, from saving money, from knuckling down – and we all know it’s bull s**t as we say it. Sure, life is too short to pull your hair out over every lost Twitter […]

Tablets to take over

The tablet isn’t a new invention but the iPad has created a phenomenally popular category that was a non-starter before Apple invested. A recent study by Google’s Admob services indicates tablet owners generally use them for more than an hour a day, usually at evenings. GQ editor, Dominic West, wrote in July’s magazine, “We’ve been […]

Twitter (non-injunction) thoughts

Twitter is front page news this week but a friend emailed me asking my thoughts on something other than super injunctions. He wrote, “If twitter’s all about engaging with people, conversations not campaigns etc, why is @delloutlet doing so well? Both in followers, and in direct revenue according to them. It goes against everything I’ve […]

Is intern such an ugly word?

Unemployment is over 2.53m with 18-24 year-olds accounting for 18.3% of that alarming figure. Kamikaze pilots have easier missions compared to graduates scoring an interview with over-subscribed job ads. Unfortunately they often don’t help themselves, so here’s my two pennies worth. Firstly, there’s loads written about CVs but here are a few tips to show […]

Digital stamps

Silicon Valley can get carried away with the Angry Birds’ Series A round of investment and Apple’s iAds, but Denmark are giving us a great example of digital innovation helping the man on the street right now. From 1st April the Danes will be able to text a number that will reply to the phone […]

Innovate or deteriorate

Some business leaders say they can’t change because their demographic is 55 year olds and changing would jeopardize their custom. Changing would mean devaluing the offering. Changing would be a risk we don’t want to take. I’ve even heard, “We know our customer base is dying, but the boss wont change anything we’re doing.” We’ve […]

Is your marketing director for the toilet

The Internet has only really been around for the masses since Microsoft brought us Windows 95 and the ever-present Internet Explorer. But over 15 years on, digital and digital marketing still remains a bolt on for many businesses that should really know better. I’m always amazed when strong marketers tell me their marketing director (not […]