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For Prime Minister read Project Manager

When the pressure really builds I think of how difficult leadership must be for the Prime Minister. Surely our everyday business ‘issues’ are nothing compared to the table of responsibility inside number 10. That’s why I’m doubly struck by Tony Blair writing in his autobiography and mentioning in his PR interviews that he changed dramatically […]

BP CEO Tony Hayward

Leadership is…

I was reminded this week that management is about doing things right and that leadership is doing the right thing. I’m sure you’ve come across that before. But I’ve been thinking about small business leadership and exactly what that all encompassing term means on the ground. Surely everything a leader of an SME does needs […]

Military lessons

In The Bear and the Dragon, Tom Clancy paints the courageous character of Gennady Iosifovich, a Russian General. Our brave General finds himself the senior man called to defend his country against a warring China, who massively outnumber him. Prior to battle he talks to his aid about soldiers’ universal trio of needs: training, resources […]